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Fashionable Gloves Are Everywhere This Winter!

Accessories / Featured - by   November 17, 2015

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always loved gloves. Those long gloves that ride all the way up to your elbow gave me that ”Princess Look” that is so much fun to wear.


But today’s gloves provide us with function and fashion. They not only keep us warm, but they are worn as a great accessory to bump-up any ordinary outfit. This fall and winter we have seen Fashion Designers using beautiful crafted gloves to enhance their collections with interesting textures and jewels and personally – I just love it!


How to Determine Your Glove Size:

Your glove measurements are taken by measuring the width of the palm of your hand at the level of the knuckles, without involving the thumb in the measurement. The arm length should also be measured. Additionally, women with thick arms or short fingers may need to have their gloves custom-made just for them.


When we are looking for gloves to provide warmth, opt for leather with a water-resistant finish and a wool or cashmere lining. Dress gloves today are sold in the traditional sizes and still use the old scale where the wrist length is measured by the number of buttons needed to fasten them. This sizing system was to ensure that there were no gaps between your coat cuff and your glove:)


Glove Length                      Length in Inches                    Length in Buttons



extends past the elbow                   22 – 23″                                16 or 21

and reaches at least the

middle of the biceps and                27 – 29″

or the shoulder



just covers the elbow                  18 – 19″                                    12



reaches the upper                             14 – 15″                                     8

portion of the forearm



just to the wrist                          8 – 11″                                   2 or 4


When deciding on which length of glove to wear with your outfit, your gown expressly dictates that rule. The sleeve length and glove length are inversely proportional, so long gloves are worn with short or sleeveless gowns. Opera-length gloves are appropriate with the barest dresses, like strapless, spaghetti straps, halter and sleeveless styles. Elbow-length gloves look best with a cap sleeve, short sleeve, half sleeve or a three-quarter sleeve gown. Wrist length gloves are worn primarily with long sleeve outfits.


For everyday casual gloves, polyester, spandex and fleece offer you warmth plus dexterity. Glove construction should have at least two layers, an outer shell and a lining, to trap the air for warmth. When trying gloves on, be sure that the elastic at the wrist is snug but not too tight, and that the glove is long enough to go under or over your jacket’s cuff.

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”

Michael Kors

Writer: Linda Ferguson

Reference: Linda Ferguson Designs.

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